Анна Попова
Anna Popova
You will scale up your business by having me in your team
strategist, changer, entepreneur
In 2016 I changed the vector of my professional development by moving from the oil and gas industry into the restaurant management.
Thanks to my own projects I've managed to identify where I could be of a great use to other businesses.
I appreciate & find the team work important. I am very much inspired by new projects and that is something I cannot imagine my professional life without.
Professional bio
2005 - 2016
Head of department
Management of technical and desing documentation, development of electronic document management systems

International major oil and gas projects at TNK-BP, Lukoil Overseas, CPC
Career change
Restaurant management postgraduate studies at the SWISSAM/IMI - international hospitality business school
Restaurant General Manager
Start-up project manager (restaurant)
Development and running own food projects
Education and skills
  • Higher:
Linguist, Teacher of the English language and Computer Science
Stavropol State University
Faculty of Roman-Germanic Languages
Computer Science.Theory and methods of teaching foreign languages and cultures

  • Diploma:
Restaurant Management
2016 - 2017

  • Master's
Innovative entrepreneurship
2019 - 2021

  • Extra:
Somellier classes
2018 - 2019

French Language clases
2001 - until now
dream of speaking the French language and I'm not giving up:
had attempted for 5 times

  • Capital construction project management: was involved in the construction management of one of the most major projects in the world: VCNG (Irkustk region), West Qurna -2 (Iraq)
  • Development of technical terms of references : was part of the experts team in the development of electronic document management systems
  • Project management in Agile style: tested as part of my own projects and personal plans
  • Design thinking: applied as part of the marketing studies for a catering company
  • Team management and inspiration: mix of pacesetting & coaching style is my way
  • Prefer partnership in team work
  • Advanced English speaker with a hint of a native speaker's accent
  • Project concept development at the level of a detailed business plan: follow the the link to see my portfolio
  • Event concept development: rather provocative ideas are occasionally generated, for instance, offering guests to wear animal polygonal masks at supper club
  • Operations - catering management - one the latest outstanding cases: the Queen Elizabeth II Birthday Event at the Australian Consulate
  • Marketing and promotion of projects via smm, targeted and context ads
  • Financial planning and budget control
  • Specific for the restaurant industry automation systems; planning and management systems etc. - should I not be aware of how something works and most likely that could be occasionally the case then I do my homework, for instance the landing pages of the portfolio is my work
  • Setting style and table scapes of dinners /food styling
Why me?
New project or product is an unbelievable challenge and it inspires me!
Changer and strong enterpenuer (paEi)
Perfectly fit into conditions when there is lack of data
Perform activities that are hard to be driven by algorithms
Ready to take a risk on
Far-sighted and know what is required to start at point A and end up at the final stop
"Quick mind"
Get concentrated on challenges and quickly find solutions for under stressed conditions
What would friends say about me?
this part is meant to make me look like a human ;-)
style and beauty
comes with a certain "level" and chic, and is beauty conscious
capable of creating atmosphere of coziness (hygge) and/or aristocratism based on the 'art de vivre' concept
dreams of dancing in musicals
creates, invents, generates (these are synonyms in a way nonetheless they sound differently)
Get in touch with me
Should you have any questions or job offers, please feel free to contact me via email or phone below.
+7 909 690 77 81

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