'Pop over' Supper Club
at the heart of St. Petersburg
The founder
I'm Anna and have founded the 'Pop over' supper club.
In the Russian version of my page I've translated what 'pop over' stands for, however since you are reading this version I can assume you are quite familiar with the meaning of the word. :-)
As if you are popping over to you friend to get the latest updates on his life and be welcomed at his living room for the best treats he has saved for you.

Besides 'Pop over' plays well with my family name - Popova. :-)

The 'Pop over' Supper club is more than a restaurant, bar or a club. This is a place where likeminded people get to find each other, and leave the place with a story of their own. At the club we talk about food, wine, life changes, culture, travels and many other matters.

I've lived in the Middle East for four years and ready to share my experience of living abroad, of how I got passionate about restaurants and why I've founded this club. I will as well play a bit of piano music for you.

'Food as a way to explore, and conversation is the first step to get interacted with each other'

The club is located at Petrogradskiy Island.

The St.Petersburg living room is a signature place, at a thought of which you get a picture of a music salon, study room with a huge number of books, and a round table where the family gets together to dine.

'Often the most deliсious food is not served at five-star restaurants, but at home'
The gastronomy of the evening - is a quintessence of non-trivial recipes and a well paired wine.
I have created a 4-course set-menu to be accompanied by 2 glasses of wine:

- mini-pie with artichokes, rucola and cherry tomatoes
- salad with apples, walnuts, salad leaves and cranberries
- duck with gooseberry sauce and potatoes in province style
- Cake "Frasier" biscuit Genoise, creme anglaise, creme mousseline and strawberries

Follow my Instagram @popoversupclub to find out the latest updates on the upcoming dinners

The dinner takes place once a week - on a Saturday night. I would be able to accomodate 6 people around our friendly table.

Should you wish to book a dinner please get in touch with me (see contacts below).

The cost of the dinner upon an enquiry.

Once you've got a booking confirmation and made a pre-payment, you will be supplied the address and the details of how to get to the club.

Contacts of the club

E-mail: popoversupperclub@gmail.com