Hello again!

I'm Anna and have started up the "Pop over" Supper club in St.Petersburg. :-) I love welcoming guests at home and almost two years ago I made up my mind to turn it into a lifetime project. So after 12 years of work in the oil and gas, where I dealt with Capital projects, databases and electronic document management systems, I've started a new chapter. I moved to St. Petersburg from Dubai and was enrolled at the Swissam Hospitality Business School. Having a dream of opening my own restaurant I got a Swiss Postgraduate Degree in the Restaurant Management, and this supper club is my first project.
To find out how passionate I'm about the club you'd better visit my kitchen, the size of which is 3 square meters. Even such a small culinary space has not stopped me from implementing the idea. Once a week I cook for my guests and give talks on certain subjects, as well as kindly ask my guests to act as speakers. The club is visited by talented, open and charismatic personalities. They've always got something to share with you.
Besides I love writing, playing my piano, creating and being out of the box. I keep a blog on Telegram (you can search for it by my username "popover"). I develop gastronomic concepts, and get to be creative at the dining room table and the kitchen.

I feel there are multiply causes to get together: for a dinner with new and old friends; celebrate one's birthday; hens parties; english speaking evenings; themed dinners; wine tasting nights. And the club is a perfect spot to celebrate these occasions.

my Hospitality
One of the reasons why I have started holding supper parties was related to my wish to re-introduce a tradition of large family and friends gatherings. My way of hospitality was certainly inherited from my family and the country where I was born - colourful Armenia. When our family gets all in one house, that reminds me of a mix of an Armenian traveling show (we occasionally compare ourselves to Italians too) and delicious food. (Trans)caucasian hospitality is about eating everything till the last crumb, you would offend a host should you have any leftovers on your plate.

And when you have your worst enemy entering your house, he will be treated like the most cordial friend (will even get a Brezhnev's kiss))).

I once watched an ad (most likely it was the Ikea's ad), where neighbours set a long table in the hall, shared the food they had at home, basically it was a fab neighbours' dinner. I would say that my hospitality is just about that - a re-union.
It is about important moments in our lives that we share across the table.
It is about the atmosphere that gets created where new ideas get generated as well as the conversation flows while having an intriguingly delicious food.
It is about how great it is to share few hours with your new and old friends.
It is about how you can take this tradition along with you and extend it back at your own home.

So…pop over to my place :-)…and I will show you how I get this atmosphere created and shared with.

supper style
Style of the dinner is a colourful and attractive table setting, change of courses and dress code have been dictated by my love to (Downton Abbey :-)) aristocraticism, high standards and etiquette (but free of excessive mannerism and snobbism).
Being delicate, appreciated food culture, learn a person from his manners and style of behavior attracts me no less than the Armenian traveling show))).
To combine soulfulness and aristocraticism is to search for the borderline where magic happens, and that's what I would like to share with my guests.
The decor of the table setting has been created without needless artificiality, besides I certainly have strong visual skills. All four years in Dubai I kept collecting champagne corks, never knew what I had been doing it for. Finally they have been made use of! I've added in some lights and here we are - now there is a decorative item. The table runner and place mats were sown by my mother in Moscow. The texture of the table - brutal wood - was used to its best effect by decorating it with dry lavender and wheats (cropped in Crimea:)). The plates from Ikea, Zara Home and "Happiness in little things" were mixed and matched. And finally the romance was certainly created by the bright candlelights.

All of these evoked the subject of etiquette, and that is what we are going to talk about at the upcoming dinner on May, 5. Welcome!
Decorating table setting is one of the most pleasant activities. Dinner setting, menu design, flowers. The design of the menu and cards was given a hell of attention. So the outcome turned out to be unbelievably beautiful. Valya once shared that she loved mixing water colours and ink drawing techniques. And you know I love it too. But rather from an admirer's perspective than from a creator's.
Valya is a professional artist-designer.
The first sketches, reviews of the menu content.
Originally I planned for two cuisines to be introduced: the Russian and generally "European". The Petersburg version of the menu was developed for the Russian cuisine. But the supper club is a living body. The Russian cuisine has been put aside for a while, but the design is yet available. Having a look at Valya's "blue" version of the menu I came to realize that the Petersburgh release was rather universal.
The club is located in Petersburg and the Petropavlovskaya fortress and the view over Troitskiy cathedral from the Fontanka river are picturesque elements of the Petersburg "skyline".
I indeed look forward to the upcoming creative sessions with Valya, where we will be collaborating over the summer version of the menu.
One love!
March Menu
- Bruschetta with mushed peas, mozzarella and pecorino cheese
- Salad with ruccola, fennel, cornsalad and peach served with honey-mustard dressing
- Pumpkin risotto with lamb
- Mousse cake "Rouge"
The lamb
The Pumpkin risotto and the lamb come as the main course of the menu.
Cooking risotto is an art: making it al dente with the right broth.
The broth shall be well infused. Besides it has got so many ingredients, that they could be well used for making a separate dish.
The lamb has been carefully chosen too. By looking after the quality and the taste of the dish I order the meat that has been produced at local farms. I have got in touch with the guys who know well the local farmers and they get the freshly made lamb delivered to my house on the eve of the dinner.

The lamb with the risotto as well as the entire menu will be served throughout March.

the dessert
I'd love to share the story about the sweetest part of the menu. The story of the club is as well about the local community. Therefore I've decided to collaborate with a talented pastry chef Kate, who was kind enough to look after the dessert. After the first supper when all the guests highly rated her masterpiece, I got reassured that our cooperation was on the right track. Kate studied the pastry art in Spain and her desserts are well known by the guests of the coffee shop Tchk at Petorgradskaya. And recently Kate and her husband started up their own coffee shop.
The dessert "Rouge" is a pistachio biscuit-dacquoise with rosemary, cranberry coulis and cremeux, and mascarpone mouse with a note of rosemary.